Hazardous Waste

Certain materials, classed as hazardous wastes, are subject to specific and stringent laws, and cannot be collected with general waste.

These materials include some that are immediately obvious – chemicals, pesticides and asbestos – but also others which may seem innocuous, for example, fluorescent tubes, LCD screens and fridges and freezers.

Environmental regulators track hazardous waste through a consignment note system which ensures waste is managed responsibly from the point of production through to disposal. Even if you are exempt from registering, you must still use a consignment note to accompany hazardous waste.

A fee is payable for this consignment note and waste producers must keep consignment notes for a minimum of three years.

Storage of hazardous waste on your site will also require a specific health and safety assessment to be carried out.

If required, we will gladly organise for the registration of your company and arrange for the collection, pre-treatment and disposal of any hazardous waste in compliance with legislation.