About Us

Founded on more than 40 years of industry experience and leading the way in technology, Pulse Environmental is the waste management service which meets all of your company’s demands.

With a fully equipped processing facility, a fleet of custom made vehicles and an electronic monitoring system providing real time data on your collections, Pulse Environmental makes waste as easy to dispose of as supplies are to order in.

We waste nothing

Our London Materials Recovery Facility means nothing goes to waste – from paper to hard drives and from toners to drink cans, if it can be recycled it will be.

Where materials cannot be reclaimed we will dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Our zero to landfill practice means that waste created now is dealt with now – not passed on as a problem for future generations.

Completely Secure

Where sensitivity is an issue, our security shredding unit offers on or off site destruction and gives you the peace of mind that no data is in the wrong hands.

A sound information destruction and recycling policy makes sense; it has obvious benefits for your business and for the environment.

We believe it should also fit seamlessly into the day to day running of a modern workplace.

At Pulse Environmental, we have the experience to design, implement and manage all your waste disposal services leaving you to get on and manage your business.