Pay by Weight

For businesses wanting a more measurable financial incentive to recycle, our dynamic container weighing and identification (pay-by-weight) system will provide you with all the data you need.

Our systems are approved and stamped by Trading Standards in accordance with weights and measures legislation. This means that whether we collect recycling, general waste or confidential waste you only pay for the weight of material which we collect.

With landfill tax and waste to energy costs steadily increasing every year there has never been a better time to be rewarded for separating out materials for recycling. Similarly, with confidential waste bins it simply isn’t cost effective to pay for the removal and destruction of empty bins.

Using the latest technology in container weighing and identification, Pulse Environmental can record the following information.

  • Collection driver
  • Vehicle registration
  • Customer address and department
  • Date and time
  • Container type and size
  • Waste stream (by container)
  • Actual weight of material in container

All data is transmitted to our web-based server where it is permanently stored. For contingency purposes the data is also stored on a SD data card.

Weights are charged at an agreed contract price leaving you with the incentive to recycle more.