Remote Fill Monitoring

Pulse Environmental uses the latest technology to reduce the amount of time required to manage your waste collections.


A full compactor which cannot be emptied within hours can cause a great inconvenience to a loading bay.

Compactors which aren’t collected on a scheduled basis usually rely on a ¾ full light warning for a collection booking. If this warning is ignored or forgotten about then the collection doesn’t get booked and the compactor will become full creating an unnecessary problem for everyone.

Using smart technology Pulse Environmental can install a SMS system which will notify us direct when the compactor is ¾ full.

We will then make the necessary arrangements to have the compactor collected, taking away all your worries.

Wheeled Bins & Recycling Banks

This bin monitoring solution consists of a wireless sensor, which is placed in each bin and ‘measures’ the fill level of the bin.

The fill level information (and more) is sent wirelessly over the GSM (mobile phone) network to a host server, and a web interface that provides a full service view of all monitored containers and full suite of management reports, including alert SMS messages and email.



The solution facilitates massive improvements in collection efficiencies, through ensuring that only full or nearly full bins are collected.

Our advisors will be happy to discuss how remote monitoring could improve the efficiency of your collections.