Reports and Statistics

At Pulse Environmental we believe that statistics and recycling reports are essential to determine the scale of recycling, and to benchmark whether waste strategies are working and targets are being met.

Whether you are a large corporation requiring monthly in-depth waste management and carbon reports or a small business wanting to control escalating waste disposal costs, our weights data and collection information will give you a full understanding on what is happening on site.

Standard reports on the number of waste bins collected will not help you maximise your environmental performance and minimise your waste disposal costs.  They simply confirm what you are being charged for. It is the actual weights of the material within the bins that will enable decisions to be made on how you can improve waste management.

To achieve this accuracy Pulse Environmental uses dynamic on-board weighing, which means that every time a bin is emptied or collected the weight is captured and your report is automatically updated. You will know the precise weight, time and date that it was collected.

For multiple-site contracts we will report on individual sites and as a group. Where we collect from individual tenants within a building, the data can be shown for each tenant and for the building as a whole.

These comprehensive reports can be accessed and downloaded or printed via our on-line portal (My Pulse). The data can also be exported to create your own reports or if you prefer we can produce bespoke reports to suit any specific reporting requirements.