Secure Data Destruction

Secure data destruction is more important then ever and our secure shredding service gives you the peace of mind that sensitive material is destroyed.

It allows your company to comply with the revised 1998 Data Protection Act and ensures all confidential material held on media, including paper, hard drives, USBs, diskettes, CDs and DVDs, credit cards and microfiche is disposed of in a secure and non-retrievable manner.

Confidential material is deposited in our locked secure bins or security sealed sacks.

Once collected we guarantee its secure disposal and provide a certificate of destruction for each collection.

It is destroyed to BS EN15713:2009 in a secure unit at our depot or if preferred on-site via our mobile shredding vehicles.

Under the Data Protection Act companies are responsible for the security of personal information, including data held digitally and on paper.

Our secure shredding service ensures that you are fulfilling these duties and that your confidential material is being disposed of appropriately.