Recycling Services

Recycling is the preferred option when a material cannot be reused.

Our processing unit can deal with all recyclable goods and our Materials Recovery Facility ensures nothing goes to waste.

Our recycling services are designed to fit in with your office. We will meet initially to discuss the most attractive options for your company before installing the necessary recycling bins and arranging suitable collection times.

All waste will be collected on schedule or on demand.

The bins are modern and unobtrusive and each is designed for its waste stream, meaning they are easy to identify and hygienic and leak proof where wet waste is involved.

Each is electronically tagged and weighed at each collection, recording their weight, location, time and date. This information is added to our database and sent to your records. Each vehicle carries an onboard printer should a hard copy be required.

The information allows us to highlight high-usage areas in your office as well as those which are less in demand.

This means we can adjust the frequency of collections to your specific requirements, driving down costs and maximising efficiency. The service becomes tailored to your needs.

The database gives you a complete overview of your office recycling and we are always available to discuss changes and improvements if required.