Commercial Waste Services

For light commercial and retail waste, Pulse Environmental provides a flexible commercial waste service.

We offer a full range of containers to suit your business needs, from wheely bins and rotary bag systems to high volume compactors.

Our experienced team will offer advice on recycling opportunities and ensure that all non recyclable, general waste is collected in the most efficient and cost effective way. We will also ensure that it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Storage systems for general waste include:

1100 litre wheeled bin

The most common commercial waste storage system is the 1100 litre bin.

These are practical, easy to use and hold 12 – 15 black bags. Bins can be provided with locks for added security.

Our collection teams will always ensure that the bin is fully emptied and that any spillage is cleared up.

For multitenant buildings the bins can be colour coded and tagged to provide weights to individual tenants.

Rotary bag and bin compactors

Rotary bag compactors or 1100 litre bin compactors are ideal for situations where there are larger volumes of waste produced and space is restricted.

These systems can achieve compaction ratios of 9:1 and are ideal for hotels, and large commercial buildings.

Mobile compactors

Portable Compactors are a very efficient and hygienic alternative to using 1100 litre bins or skips. With a compaction ratio of 6:1, a compactor will hold much more waste than a standard skip, meaning many fewer collections are required for the waste to be disposed of.

Which ever system is used, Pulse Environmental will record the actual weight of the waste collected.

This information along with waste audit data will help identify possibilities of reducing general waste and increasing recycling.