Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives are now considered to be the highest risk in Data Protection and Company Information Risk Management.

Simply reformatting or wiping your hard drives does not guarantee that all of your private information is not recoverable.

Pulse Environmental has two specifically designed destruction systems which can destroy hard drives to either 20mm (shred) for general data or 5mm (disintegrate) for highly sensitive data – the 5mm service is designed in line with government standards.

The entire process can be performed off site or on site, ensuring that we meet any security restrictions over data never leaving an organisation’s own premises.

Our on site destruction service is totally mobile and virtually silent and requires just a 13amp power supply. Our security operatives are able to disintegrate 20 HDD per hour to 5mm fragments of unrecognisable debris.

For off site destruction, we will provide you with a military style transport case, which holds up to 50 disks. The case will be locked and sealed prior to removal from site. The secure transportation from your door to our destruction facility will be fully monitored and upon arrival the consignment will be checked, recorded and destroyed immediately.

In order to provide extra peace of mind the destruction process can be recorded.

A certificate of destruction will be provided once the process is complete.

Pulse Environmental also destroy memory sticks (USBs), tapes, mobile phones, PDAs, microfiche, x-rays, sim cards, CDs and DVDs.