Waste food may not normally spring to mind as part of the recycling process, but more than seven million tonnes of food waste is thrown away in the UK each year, most ending up in landfill.

Removing all the food wastage would see a CO2 reduction equivalent to taking on in five cars off the road.

By introducing food recycling you not only increase your recycling rate but you also remove the largest form of contamination from the recycling bin.

Our food recycling bins are self contained, clean and hygienic. All waste is composted, placing it back into the natural cycle.

We will provide all the necessary containers from small 7 litre caddies for tea points to 360 litre bins for restaurants. Each container is lined with a compostable liner which is changed with every collection.

Pulse Environmental can collect from multiple points within an office or from centralised storage points. All bins are regularly sanitised to ensure that there are no hygiene issues.