Enhanced Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

Pulse Environmental takes confidentiality extremely seriously and sets the benchmark for data security.

Each of our customised vehicles is fitted with a multitude of safeguards to ensure that, whatever the eventuality, your material remains protected.

Robust locking and immobilisation devices deter theft, while electronic sealants control access rights, ensuring only authorised staff are permitted contact with materials. Security systems can even be set to dictate where and when an authorised driver has access to the load.

Load Security

Each vehicle is equipped with an air operated heavy duty slam lock, specifically designed for roller shutter doors. The doors lock automatically when closed, eliminating the need for padlocks and ruling out human error.

The lock can only be released by a coded transponder key fob. Using silicon chip technology, this is located discretely inside a Smart Card which has its own unique authorisation code and is particular to the authorised driver.

A magnetic reed contact in the rear door alerts the driver in the cab if the door is open, and the vehicle cannot be driven unless the door is secure.

The system is designed for multi-drop and high risk, high value cargo operations and provides an unmatched level of security in the industry today.

Authorised Drivers

Pulse Environmental vehicles utilise Drivelock, a high grade security system which recognises authorised drivers and which has been tested at the highest levels. Even if the vehicle is left unlocked, running and with the keys in the ignition, no one but the authorised driver will be able to move it

Any attempt by an unauthorised driver to move a running vehicle will cause the engine to stop and the brakes to lock as soon as the handbrake is released. If an attempt is made to restart it an alarm will sound.

The Driver Recognition System allows individual drivers to be assigned to individual vehicles. Only drivers who are assigned to that vehicle will receive authorisation, and this authorisation can be rescinded as appropriate – for example, if the driver leaves the company or is assigned to different duties.

Vehicle Surveillance

Should an attempted theft take place, video footage provides the best evidence to bring before a court.

To this end, each Pulse Environmental security vehicle is fitted with a covert surveillance camera which monitors loading, transportation and unloading. Footage is continuously recorded onto a DVR system and the recording is flagged each time the shutter is open.

Automatic Accident CCTV

Our vehicles are also fitted with an accident recording system which acts like a plane’s black box. If the vehicle is involved in an accident – which can be detected by onboard systems alerted by the impact of a collision or a sudden acceleration – the footage is automatically marked and stored, and cannot be overwritten. The driver can also activate the camera with a manual alarm.