Bar Coding and Tracking

All of our confidential waste containers and security sacks are sealed and bar-coded to make our process more secure and efficient, and to provide a full audit trail for each container collected.

Every time we collect a container or a sealed security sack, we scan it to record its removal. Where there are multiple bins on site, our security screened staff will scan the individual locations prior to scanning and removing the bin from site.

Once the scanning process is complete, the container is loaded on to our security vehicle and securely transported to our destruction facility. Each container is again scanned and weighed as proof of a safe delivery. Only then is the seal broken and the contents shredded beyond recovery to BS EN17513:2009.

This scanning process provides a comprehensive and auditable date and time stamped report detailing the number of items collected and the individual weights of material collected from each location on site.

This information builds up a database and regular reviews will ensure that we get the numbers and locations of containers correct as well as set the right service visit frequency.

Our database electronically stores the bin location(s) and this information is transmitted to the PDA on each visit. This intelligence allows our operatives to complete the collection discreetly and without disruption. A client signature prior to departure completes the process.

A certificate of destruction will be issued for each consignment collected detailing the container identity, location, weight, time and date of destruction.