Security Containers

The secure storage of confidential material prior to destruction is often compromised by the use of non locking or poorly maintained containers.

At Pulse Environmental we will ensure that there are no weak links in the storage and handling of your confidential information.

All our systems and containers are tried and tested and are available to suit all volumes of confidential waste, workplace environments and budgets.

Secure Office Bins

Pulse 144 litre Dataguard

Our custom designed 144 litre secure wheeled bin has unique and unrivalled security features including

  • Integrated seal unit for body and lid
    This will identify any unauthorised tampering or opening.
  • Anti-tip, self seal mechanism
    If the bin is tipped upside down it will automatically self seal to prevent paper falling out.
  • Guaranteed locked
    Once the bin is opened the key cannot be removed until the lid is firmly locked back on.
  • Unique Pulse protected Lock
    The lock is unique to Pulse Environmental and keys cannot be duplicated.

This bin is usually exchanged on a like for like basis and bar code tracked from the point of collection to destruction.

Literage Load capacity Height Width Depth
144litre 70kg 1165mm 480mm 503mm

Pulse 78litre Dataguard

Our static 78 litre bin is ideal for smaller volumes. The bin is fully lockable and can be fitted with an anti tamper seal unit.

It is designed to hold a security sack or can be decanted into larger locking containers.

Volume size Load capacity Height Width Depth
78litre 25kg 946mm 360mm 380mm

Secure cabinets

A secure office cabinet with lock and aperture designed to match standard office furniture.

Available in grey, beech or maple the cabinet holds a security sack which is sealed upon removal.

Volume size Load capacity Height Width Depth
100 litre 25kg 900mm 650mm 400mm

Security Sacks & Seals

Security sacks are ideal for occasional users or for clearances.

Heavy duty polypropylene sacks will hold approximately 25kg of paper. There is a fill line to ensure that the sack is not over filled and can be easily sealed.

Self seal paper sacks will hold approximately 12kg of paper. Once sealed the sack will be collected and shredded without opening.

Bulk Security Bins

240 litre wheeled bins

For those who wish to use our bin exchange system, the robust and locking 240 litre wheeled bin with a secure A4 aperture, is the ideal budget storage unit for sensitive material which requires tracking.

660 litre wheeled bins

A specially adapted 4 wheeled bin which has a paper aperture and is protected by 2 padlocks. Ideal for large volumes of confidential paper.